Pancha (5) Kleshas (Obstacles) to Yoga

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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra II.3

avidya asmita raga dvesha abhiniveshah pancha kleshah

The impediments/obstacles to yoga [to samadhi] are ignorance, ego, desire, aversion, and clinging to life.

The was the follow-up dharma talk to the 8 limbs talk already posted. Again, recorded at the beginning of my Saturday vinyasa class. The aim was to provide a brief overview of what Patanjali designates as the states of mind that present roadblocks to residing in the absorbed samadhi state of yoga. In this time of global turmoil, I frequently hear comments and discussions about what constitutes right and wrong, good and bad, with quite a bit of uncertainty around these perceived poles of duality. From the perspective of the kleshas, I think it’s fair to say, that any state of mind that pulls us away from yoga is to be recognized and dealt with, so as to bring us back to a state of equanimity.

*And special thanks to Mike Stefani for the uplifting ustrasana! 🙏 Way to do up and over the obstacles! 😉 This was taken during evening Mysore at Flow — message me if you want in!

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