Asana Tune-Ups 2018

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The return of the monthly series where we focus on the specifics of a posture!  Come join me to explore the breath, energetics, alignment and foundation of the asanas that make up the practice of this, the 3rd limb, of yoga.

12:30 – 1:30 pm at Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC

Sunday, May 20th        Chatarunga! (and it’s alternatives)

*I’m not a fan of the term “advanced” in reference to yoga, but if you want to talk advanced postures, this is it! It’s thrown around like it’s no big deal, but chatarunga is tremendously important because we do it so often and it is quite a complex and difficult posture to hit and hold. We will focus on the limb positions, muscular engagement, bandha usage and appropriate variations.

More to come — feel free to tell me what you want to study!



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