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Baba Hanuman

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Hanuman is a central character in the ancient epic story the Ramayana. He’s half monkey half god — his father is Vayu, the god of the wind — and he’s a devotee of Lord Rama (an avatar of Vishnu sent to earth to reset its course). Hanuman is revered for his great strength, big heart, self control and service to a cause he believes in. As such he serves as an inspiration for many — including many of us yogis!

Jaya Seeyaa Raama, Jai Jai Hanumaan                             (4x)
Victory to Sita and Ram, Victory to Hanuman
Victory over the darkness of suffering…

Jaya Bajrangbalee, Baba Hanuman                                   (2x)
Victory to the one with the body of a thunderbolt
My Baba, Hanuman.

Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan                                        (2x)
You are home of all Grace.
Destroy all my problems, calamities and sufferings.

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosaaee                                             (next4 together)
Hail My Lord Hanuman
Kripaa karahu Gurudeva kee naaee
You are my Guru, bestow your Grace on me.
Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan,
You are the destroyer of Suffering, the abode of Grace
Laala Langotta, Laala Nishaan
You wear a red langotta and carry a red flag
Hare Raama Raama Raama, Seetaa Raama Raama Raama

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