Intro to the Primary Series

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Here’s a introductory class for those new to Ashtanga. I’m often approached by folks that are interested in learning more and maybe a bit intimidated by the method and/or by entering the classroom uninformed. So, I recorded this to give some background and more slowly introduce the opening postures of the Primary Series, which is where we all start!

30 Min Vinyasa – Get up and go!

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Get up and go! A 30-min vinyasa class to get the prana moving and the mind focused. Coming to you from Mysore, India — the home of Ashtanga Yoga. That’s the Mysore Palace behind me in the photo — it’s incredible! *Not for beginners.  

Ashtanga Primary Modified

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Here’s a modified primary series that I recorded while in Kathmandu, Nepal — at Boudhanath Stupa. You may hear the sounds of this Tibetan village in the background. I purposely recorded from various vantage points around the neighborhood. Hope you enjoy it!  

Yoga is Mind Control (PYS 1.1-1.3)

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This is a dharma talk I gave at the beginning of my Saturday class. This one focuses on the first 3 sutras of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. They tell us yoga is the practice of working with and controlling the mind such that we may reside in our true nature – of unconditional love, joy and peace.

Pancha (5) Kleshas (Obstacles) to Yoga

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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra II.3 avidya asmita raga dvesha abhiniveshah pancha kleshah The impediments/obstacles to yoga [to samadhi] are ignorance, ego, desire, aversion, and clinging to life. The was the follow-up dharma talk to the 8 limbs talk already posted. Again, recorded at the beginning of my Saturday vinyasa class. The aim was to provide a brief overview of what Patanjali …

60-Plus Minute Yoga Class

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Get your sweat on with this one! Meant for experienced students, this sequence is based on the Ashtanga Primary series with the inclusion of intermediate series backbends (shalabasana and dhanurasana) to warm up the back a bit more before going into urdhva dhanurasana. I hope you like it! Leave me feedback and I’ll consider it as I develop more to …