Glue that’s holding this world together?

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These days it’s pretty easy to develop the feeling that this world is hanging on by a thread. In a sense, I guess it always has been, but with so much craziness going on around us, it can really become difficult to maintain sthira (steadiness) and sukham (ease) within. These past several days, as I’ve been witness to the daily practices of the Nagi Gompa nuns, I’ve begun to think that maybe their efforts – and others like them around the world – are the bit of glue that’s holding it all together. It can be so easy to apply a lens of skepticism and doubt over the pujas, prayers, blessings and wishes of the nuns – what difference could it possibly make if they light another butter lamp, string up more prayer flags, or spin another prayer wheel? Well, maybe a heck of a lot. Maybe it’s exactly that energy that is moving out into the world and protecting us from the worst of what we all know is possible….  And maybe, just maybe, our own respective practices are contributing to that glue too.

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