Sweat the Small Stuff!

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I’ve started a video series using Facebook Live and I’m calling it “Sweat the Small Stuff”. My good friend and teacher Jen René encouraged me to try using FB Live and I thought, hmm, how can I make this different? Something useful for the folks that take the time to watch?  And it occurred to me that there are many nuances of the yoga practice that we often don’t have time to discuss. It also occurred to me that, unlike in our everyday comings and goings where yoga practice can help us let sh*t go or not sweat the small stuff (because so much of what troubles us is small stuff in the grand scheme of life), when we practice we actually do/can benefit from diving into the details, turning our awareness inward and exploring the subtle aspects of body and mind.

So, here it is, the culmination of my first 3 FB Lives, focused on waking up the feet, knees and hips/groin. 3 tested and true postures that I find super helpful to keeping the lower half of my body alive! Be sure to check out my Facebook page – “Cory Bryant Yoga” – for upcoming sessions!

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